Whether your concern is maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of your parking lot, roadways, or milling sweeping; Pave Care has the equipment and experience to solve your problems.

Benefits of Sweeping:

  • Keeps your pavement area looking clean, neat, but most importantly, professional.
  • Prevents dirt and debris from building up that can lead to more expensive problems.

Pave Care’s sweeping service eliminates anti-skid, dirt, and debris. We offer 3 types of street power sweeping equipment in various sizes: mechanical power sweepers, regenerative air power sweepers and vacuum filter power street sweepers. These machines can be used individually or in jointly to meet your sweeping needs.

Not sure what type of sweeping you need?
We’ll help determine your sweeping needs and develop a customized program.

Pave Care has been sweeping large and small areas since 1990. Our sweeping equipment, experienced operators, and commitment to satisfaction make us the best choice for:

  • State highway sweeping
  • City street sweeping
  • Residential street sweeping
  • Construction site sweeping
  • Industrial area sweeping
  • Warehouse sweeping
  • Emergency and Special Event clean-up and sweeping

We follow all environmental standards including the Clean Water Act, which simply states, “nothing but rain down the drain.” Sweeping is an excellent way to reduce debris and contaminantes from washing into storm water runoff. In fact, street sweeping has been defined as a best management practice by the EPA.