Asphalt Patching

Asphalt Patching

The early detection and repair of pavement failure is very important in extending the life of your pavement. These areas will eventually develop into costly repairs if not maintained correctly in a timely manner. Our experienced personnel can recognize the cause of the problem and discuss the most effective and economic solution with you to meet your budgetary and long-term needs.

Asphalt patching can be as simple as patching small-to-medium potholes or it can extend to the removal of large damaged areas that are replaced with new asphalt.

Infrared Patching – Our Premier Solution to Pavement Repair!
Infrared patching is an extremely effective and cost efficient means of pavement repair. Unlike other patching methods, infrared asphalt restoration is a permanent repair solution, creating a seamless patch in your pavement with no way for water to leek in and cause damage. It can be done in extreme cold weather for emergency situations (where other patching methods cannot), minimizing further damage and deterioration caused by waiting for weather to improve.

With infrared patching, there is no need for milling, sawing, jack-hammering or excess equipment. It requires fewer people to operate and far fewer resources overall. This saves both time and money, making it a cost-efficient and effective means of repair.

Infrared Method and Uses
The infrared method utilizes a panel that heats existing pavement to 30 times the temperature of new asphalt. The asphalt becomes soft, allowing a hot liquid binder and fresh asphalt to be mixed directly into the existing pavement. The pavement is then leveled to the proper height and compacted with a roller.

Infrared patching is an excellent repair method for catch basins, water puddles, grooves from heavy equipment, potholes, curb failures, oil spots, failed joints or seams and other hazardous or unleveled pavement conditions.

Go Green, Minimize and Recycle!
While infrared’s effectiveness, time and cost-saving aspects are phenomenal in and of themselves, here is something that makes it even better: infrared patching technology is the cleanest, greenest and most environmentally conscious technology available in pavement repair. The existing asphalt is literally recycled into the new pavement, requiring very little new asphalt. There are no waste products, eliminating hazardous waste. With this technology also being less expensive and a permanent repair solution, there is no better way to go in pavement patching. Pave Care has been utilizing infrared patching technology since 1999, making us a leading resource in infrared technology. We also train professionals in infrared patching technology.