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Crack Sealing Municipal Property


Crack sealing is the most cost effective step you can take to prolong the life of your pavement. Crack sealing is suitable for cracks with horizontal or vertical movement at a threshold greater than 1/4 inch.

Benefits of Crack Sealing:

  • Avoid costly asphalt replacement. The cost of asphalt replacement can be 20-30 times more expensive.
  • Seals water out. If left untreated, cracks allow water into and beneath the sub base which leads to pavement failure. Water is the number one enemy of asphalt.
  • Sealing is flexible. The sealant has a rubbery consistency that keeps the pavement impenetrable even when it expands and compresses during temperature changes.
    Crack filling is an essential part of both preventative maintenance and pavement repair.

Cracked asphalt allows for water and winter salt brine to penetrate the asphalt and make its way down to the base and sub-base, weakening it. Cracks can expand and cause pavement failures that could result in costly resurfacing.

When cracks are identified and sealed while they are small, it keeps them from turning into bigger problems such as potholes or permanent pavement damage requiring restoration. Cracks left unsealed will always grow in size, causing pavement to prematurely fail.

Pave Care has the right equipment, tools, and people to apply a hot rubberized sealant to repair cracks.

Annual crack sealing is a simple, cost-effective procedure that saves property managers and owners from expensive repairs later on. We clean crack, removing dirt and vegetation, allowing the hot rubberized crack sealant to reach the bottom of the crack. Our method fills the crack, creating a seal from water and salt brine.

Crack Sealing Hot Rubberized Filler

Large cracks are filled with hot rubberized mastic for the ultimate water seal.

Contact Pave Care to perform an inspection to repair any cracks and keep your pavement in excellent condition.

Crack Sealing Hot Machine

Before filling cracks with rubber sealant, we use hot compressed air to clean the surface thoroughly.

Crack Sealing Parking Lot
Crack Sealing Public Property