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Asphalt Patching & Repair

Asphalt Repairs…..You have Options !

There are many types of asphalt failures. Potholes, cracking, rutting and damaged catch basins are just a few.

PAVE CARE LLC is a leading  asphalt repair company. We fix asphalt roads, driveways, parking lots and other paved surfaces for homes and businesses throughout the region. You can rely on us to restore your asphalt to top condition.

Asphalt Patching
If there is a pothole, depression or other type of blemish on your asphalt, it can be patched for a quick and economical solution. Asphalt patch repairs can prevent the problem from worsening and improve the look of your asphalt.

Milling and Overlay Repair
Milling (grinding) the damaged area allows us to restore the surface of your asphalt without affecting the foundation. We use advanced milling equipment to remove old asphalt layers and maintain the existing slopes and drainage systems, and then install new asphalt to repair the area.


Infrared Asphalt Patching

Infrared Repair – Our Premier Solution to Pavement Repair!
Infrared patching is an extremely effective and cost efficient means of pavement repair. Unlike other patching methods, infrared asphalt restoration is a permanent repair solution, creating a seamless patch in your pavement with no way for water to leek in and cause damage. It can be done in extreme cold weather for emergency situations (where other patching methods cannot), minimizing further damage and deterioration caused by waiting for weather to improve.

With infrared patching, there is no need for milling, sawing, jack-hammering or excess equipment. It requires fewer people to operate and far fewer resources overall. This saves both time and money, making it a cost-efficient and effective means of repair.

Removal and Replacement
We remove and replace significantly degraded asphalt that requires a large-scale repair. With this long-term solution you can get a more durable & reliable paved surface.

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